Sustainable Aquatic Solutions

We design, build, install and maintain all types of aquariums.

What we do

No matter the size or shape of your dream project, we can help you design and build it so it fits your requirements as well as the requirements of the live animals or plants you plan to keep.

We offer flexible and customized maintenance services depending on your requirements. We also provide moving and relocation services for all sizes and shapes of aquariums.

If you are not sure where to start, just contact us. We are happy to help you to plan and source the right products and services that fit your needs.

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Why Choose Us?


We enjoy what we do and our positive attitude is contagious. We offer our wide expertise in the aquatics field & always have something to learn in return from each client. We go the extra mile to show we care about what we do and always appreciate & reward loyalty.


We put a lot of effort in keeping our livestock happy and healthy until they reach their permanent home. We work with very few but known partners to supply us the highest quality of live aquatic animals and plants.


We display a wide variety of products in our showroom to create a convenient experience for our visitors. No matter what product you are looking for, chances are - you'll find it at BPK.